Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Name Game

I know, I know, I have months to come up with a name for this baby. But I've got nothin'.

So I'm petitioning my tens of readers out there for some of their favorite names. Give me boys names. Give me girls names. Keep them in first/middle combinations if at all possible.

Give me names that I absolutely SHOULD NOT use.

And to help you out, our last name is Duck. Yeah, like the bird. Fantastic, mais non?


John said...

This is John. I just stumbled across a piece of paper upon which your husband had scribbled the url of your blog. I have no ideas for names, but since this isn't like myspace, I cannot just leave a random message to you. This is why I am writing an unrelated comment to your blog. There should be a guestbook on here or something at least. Or maybe there was and I didn't notice. At any rate, I saw the coolest baby thing the other day called a Bumbo. You probably already have one, but it is a little seat that keeps the baby comfy and in one spot. If you don't have one, you need one. I will get you one. Our friend Lynn is a new dad, so i am learning all of this stuff firsthand.

P.S. You need to get a myspace so I can send you random comments there. Here's mine:

Anonymous said...

So, I suppose 'Donald' is out?

Our last name is one made famous by a snotty child named Eddie.

Baby Boy's middle name is Edward. But, of course, he has his daddy's last name.

I like Ezra for a boy and Sophia for a girl.

But, I ALWAYS wanted an Eddie.

Judy -

Candace & Anna said...

I love Olivia and now I cant use it cause my cousin did lol. Do you have any family names that you would like to use? Carolyn, Michelle, Anastacia you need a good classic name to go with the tominator. Just watch those initials!!!

Chilihead2 said...

Boy names to use: Trevor, Aaron

Boy names NOT to use (this was much easier, btw): Harold (as in Harold the Duck--that movie from the 80s), Tucker (becomes f--ker and with Duck you're just asking for it), Donald (obviously)

Girls names to use: Elisabeth, Geniveve (don't laugh, I love that one), Chilihead (obviously)

Goslyn said...

Friends, we have a winner. Chilihead Duck just sounds so... spicy!

Love it, love it. Keep 'em coming.

Chili, thanks for the warning about Tucker. ROFL. As if the last name isn't bad enough! (In the teasing department, that is.)

Thursday said...

Well - if you're looking for old family names you could try:
Beulah, Ella, Asa, Alvin, Vernon, Eugene, Earl, Velma, Russell, Cedrick

Actually those are ones you should probably AVOID!

mopsy said...

Please don't name your baby Mmayckennzie---kreativ spelyngz drive mee nutz! Then again, I'm a huge hypocrite because I have a Ryley.

Girl names I like: Ruby, Stella, Clara, Miriam, Millie, Josie, Vivian/Vivienne, Celeste. Old rouge-wearing-lady names!

Boy names: Jude, Roman, William, Arthur, Archie, Simon, Theodore/Theo, Edward. Names for a guy who looks good in a big Irish-made fisherman's sweater, basically.

beth said...

How about Chuck? Sorry. Just kidding. Hubby and I referred to Sam as a name that rhymed with our last name through my whole pregnancy. We still have friends who refer to him as Silas.

Jess said...

Ooh, fun! When I used to write fiction, I used to go through baby name books all the time looking for character names. Now I have a treasure trove of names I love. What about Maura? Jenna or Emma? Christopher? Ian or Aidan or Ethan? (These are all names I really like but Steve isn't as hugely fond of. He likes eccentric names like Thursday.)

Heth said...

I got nothin.....

Chilihead2 said...

I like the name Emma too. However, beware that it can be changed to enima very easily.

Besides, now that you've decided to go with the spicey name, why is this post even still up?

Sheryl said...

NO FAMILY NAMES!! We just don't have good family names,unless ofcourse you use mine. I still like Morgan for a girl. How bout Noah for a boy?

Anonymous said...

I have a long list of favorites.
For girls: Ava Grace, Kaylee, Alyssa, Ashley, Abigal

For boys: Logan ALexander, Gavin, Ethan, Jackson, Tyler, Connor

divertigozzy said...

I like Amelia for a girl. If I had a girl it would have been Amalea after my mom and we would have called her molly. For a boy, I like Bryson :) Good luck!!


steve said...

How about Ephigenia? I know, I know ... She'll have to grow into it. But when she's a middle-aged Rhodes scholar publishing her sixth book of poetry, she'll thank you.

Jen Rouse said...

Have you ever checked out the Social Security administration's baby name site? This is really really helpful if you don't want your baby to have "flavor of the month" name and be in first grade with 15 other Emilys or Hannahs (or Jennifer, in my case). You can see what the most popular names are for both boys and girls across the whole US or by state, and you can enter in a name and search to track how its popularity has waxed and waned over the past 5 or 10 or 50 years. If you like random information, you can waste way too much time here. One caveat--the rankings are done by spelling, so sound-alikes like Haley/Hailey/Hailie get ranked as separate names, not variations on the same.

mommaladybug said...

I have the Bebe Pod, and James loves it. It's similar to the bumbo. A little different shape.
As for names, anything Biblical. Although I wouldn't go with Judas or Bathsheba.
How about, Shannon Olivia or Eva Rose for a girl and Zachary Allen or Jonathan Peter for a boy.

Julie said...

Wait a minute, is your first name really Goslyn? As in very close to Gosling? As in baby goose? So you're a goose duck. What an AWESOME name. I am so jealous.

The confused foreigner. said...

Hi there,
new to your site but willing to give some suggestions...

Good boy names:Alexander (goes well with Duck), Mattias,and Tobias.

Bad Boy names: William, because Willy Duck is just no good.

Good girl names: Olivia (beautiful, but we won't ever be able to use it b/se of our last name), Tatiana, Julianna, Natalia and Rosa. I also like the name Ruby, but I've realized that if your last name is a noun it's usually good to not pick a first name that's an adjective.

Bad pick: ?? Stella?

Best wishes for picking just the right name for that little one.

Maggie said...

Please don't name your baby Mmayckennzie---kreativ spelyngz drive mee nutz

Can I get an amen!! I am a big fan of traditional. My girls' names are Ann and Mary. Some say BO-ring but I'm-a tell ya, they are actually quite unique here in 2 aught aught 6.

So, yes. With your last name, I'd avoid 1 syllables. And watch out for Olivia. I love it, too but htere are tons out there.

Try these one for size: Matthew, Brian, or my favorite,James (call him Jamie cause it's too cute not to) or for girls: Margaret (call her Maggie cause it's too cute not to, said Maggie), Nora, or Katie.

The Kangamag has spoken (oh-hey-and nice bloggie, too!)