Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Big Sentence

Today, the Tominator uttered his first sentence. He has been signing in sentences for weeks, letting us know, for instance, when the dog is eating, but he has never so much as uttered more than one word in a row.

Until this morning.

He had dumped out a carton of toys, and carefully placed each one back in the container. When he had finished, he closed the lid and said, "all done."

How cool is that?


Tess said...


So,I am very happy to say that I have finally seen pictures of the Duckling. And congrats on #2!!! =)
Looks like all is going well for you guys!
<3, ~tess =)

shannon said...

Hooray for Tommy. Pretty soon he'll talk so much you'll think "please, just a few minutes of quiet."
And it'll be wonderful. :)

Judy said...

Way cool!

I swear, we were probably the only people on earth who would plead with our child to suck his thumb. It was the only time he would stop talking.