Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thirteen Things (The Ice Cream Edition)

Thirteen Things that should never be made into flavors of ice cream

I love ice cream. I love most of the following items. I just don't love the idea of the two together.

1. Barbeque. Nothin' says summer like that finger-lickin' barbeque ice cream.

2. Broccolli. Yum.

3. Salsa. (But you could put it in a Tostitos cone.)

4. Cheese.

5. Roasted corn.

6. BLTs.

7. Lettuce.

8. Spinach salads. Especially not spinach salads with egg, goat cheese, tomatoes and hot bacon dressing.

9. Popcorn.

10. Asparagus with or without hollandaise sauce.

11. Grilled salmon.

12. Mushrooms.

13. Ranch Dressing.

Thanks to Jen for some help with this list!

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Dariana said...

We eat almost the same stuff. I love everything on your list. Grilled Salmon and a salad, yum yum yum! Happy TT!

Chickadee said...

Yea, some of those would NOT make good ice cream flavors. Yuck.

My 13 are up.

Heth said...

Ok, I *might* try popcorn icecream, only because I don't mind the Jelly Bellies in that flavor.

You are making me hungy....