Wednesday, March 08, 2006

And now ... we wait.

There is still a little bit of dirt under my fingernails from playing in the dirt yesterday. I have been feeling really off-kilter for a couple of weeks now. Nothing I can put my finger on, really. Actually, Stephanie said it best here. What I need is a little "guk."

And I guess, for me, a little "guk" is some potting soil, some seed trays, and a whole lot of seeds.

While my mother's helper played with Tom, I put together my upside down tomato planter, which I hope will give me a little more room for my tomatoes. Then I carefully and lovingly planted two trays of snapdragons, some alyssum and some basil. For the past three springs, I have started at least some of the plants in my garden from seed. I don't have a whole lot of space to work with, but I make the most of my sunny back porch.

Seeds are hope in a tiny package. As I plant them each spring, I marvel at the power of life contained in such a tiny little seed. I anxiously await the moment when they pop their little green heads above the dirt, straining for the sun. I know it will be a week or two before anything happens, but I will check every day, sometimes two or three times, just so I don't miss that first awakening, the growth of something from what seems like nothing.

For me, there is no better entertainment than watching my seeds grow and imagining how beautiful they will be when they bloom or bear fruit.


Rachelle said...

Want to come do my garden next?

Heth said...

Fun fun fun. Bring on spring!

Bobita said...

I soooo love your blog site.

I was laughing my hiney off about your quest-to-find-a-bra-for-the-low-hangers-with-just-a-touch-of-lace...perhaps, we are of the same mold, you and I!!!

I will definitely be back!

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

For me, there is no better entertainment than watching my baby grow and imagining how beautiful she will be when she blooms!

Good luck with your garden.

Grammy said...

I also love a garden. Here, in Houston we can grow 2 a year - spring and fall. (The summer is too hot!) We just harvested about 40# of tomatoes and a small bowlful of beets. This week we will be starting the next crop. Gardening is like faith rewarded. I just can't stop growing them.