Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Reason #672

Why I love my husband.

The rain was pouring down in a cold, miserable torrent when I dragged myself out of bed this morning, and started in on my third day of becoming the Queen of Grouch. Between the nasty mood that has hovered around me like a cloak lately, and the lack of sleep due to Mr. Serious' sincere desire to awaken screaming every two or three hours, I was not feeling very optimistic about how my day would turn out.

Super-Hubby had the day off today, so he came by my office just to bring me some Oreos, hoping to lighten my mood. (This man knows me well. Chocolate fixes almost anything.) When that didn't help, he tried making me laugh, but that didn't stick either.

So, when I came home from a mad dash to the grocery store, I found a vase full of beautiful yellow roses waiting for me on the hall table. My favorite flower.

Can't beat that with a stick.


Heth said...

Wow, that's super sweet. Way to go Goslyn's hubby!

Chilihead2 said...

Just popping in to see what's shakin'. Sorry to hear your in the dumps. Glad your hubby's rising to the occasion. Love that. Hope you're feeling happier soon. I HATE when I get like that--and don't think I don't. ;)

Steve said...

Way to raise the bar "super-hubby."

mopsy said...

High fives for Goslyn's husband. Hugs for you.