Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thirteen Things that Drive Me Crazy

Thirteen Things that Drive Me Crazy

1. Blemishes, on myself and other people. Poor Tom has baby acne, and it drives me nuts. I have a friend who has a blackhead in her ear (I doubt she knows it's there) but it's been there for at least 8 years, and it drives me insane.

2. The paper that always seems to pile up on any flat surface in my house.

3. People who tailgate and flash their lights, telling you to get out of their way. (Where's the fire, buddy?)

4. People who drive WAY below the speed limit on a major road.

5. People who tell detailed stories about their lives without giving any context. "So then Jenny came into the office and said that Suzie had complained about me to Mary ..." Wait, who's Jenny? Suzie? Mary? Why do I care?

6. People who set dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is empty and just waiting to be filled up with nasty dirty dishes that should never be in my sink.

7. Drawing a nice hot bath, getting in and comfy, and having the water go cold five minutes later.

8. Running out of HOT water during my shower.

9. Squirrels and birds eating the plants in my garden.

10. Coltrane "watering" my garden. Grr.

11. Strangers who give parenting advice. Advice from family and friends, great. But the lady in the supermarket? Please.

12. Running out of chocolate in the house.

13. My inability to just get up with my alarm. I need an alarm that does not turn off until I put my feet on the floor.

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Kelly said...

I absolutely love the "Drive me crazy" lists!
Yours was great!

Happy Thursday!
Mine are up.
Diary of the Nello

Uisce said...

LOL, you can have my chocolate! :) My list is up!

WendyWings said...

Great list and I agree with so many of them

My first thirteen list is up
Wendy's Thirteen

Norma said...

Running out of chocolate. Eeeek.

Thanks for stopping by.

Chickadee said...

Yea, why DOES the scalding hot water go cold 5 minutes after you settle in??? I would like to know.

my 13 are up.

Ardice said...

all those drive me crazy but running out of chocolate has to be the worst :) Have a great evening. Take Care...

gottsegnet said...

definitely agree on the chocolate!!!

Jess said...

Mmmm...chocolate, a hot shower, and a clean sink. Those are some of my favorite things!

Kimmy said...

Great list! If you run out of chocolate you have to call 9-1-1!

If you ever find the alarm clock that won't shut off until you're up...let me know!

my 13 are up...