Thursday, February 02, 2006

Fresh Bread

Just a quick note to say: I baked my very first loaf of yeast bread yesterday. And it actually turned out!

Thanks to The Fresh Loaf for tips and the recipe.

It came out somewhere between an Italian and French loaf - nice, crispy crust, but thick and chewy inside. And it was fun! Anyhow, enough about bread. It's boring. I have a much more interesting post about a guy in a dress I should be working on.


Lisa said...

That sounds really good! There's nothing like warm home made bread is there? I could eat an entire loaf... lol.. I'll have to get brave and try to make my own sometime.

Steve said...

Bread is all and good, but you need to make more fudge. I was wondering why I didn't gain more weight over the holidays and realized it was because you didn't bring fudge to the X-mas party. The baby was fun and everything, but he's not chocolatey delicious.

...or is he?

Goslyn said...

ROFL. Baby is not chocolately delicious ... he's baby drool delicious. Different, but still yummy.

I have to ship so fudge your way ... or y'all could come up for a visit ... hint hint.

FloydM said...

Whoo hoo! Glad to hear it came out.

-Floyd (from The Fresh Loaf)

Heth said...

Fresh bread is so yummie, but don't you wish you could bottle the smell in the kitchen while it's baking?! Delish.