Saturday, February 11, 2006

And the truth is ...

#1. I really went to Oxford. I got good marks, but it kicked my butt.

The others are various shade of the truth.

#2. I don't particularly like calamari, but I don't hate it either.

#3. Nope, not model material, but thanks to those of you who thought so ;)

#4. Nope, love snakes. I think they are really cool. I used to have a "pet" blacksnake when I was a child. Her name was Charlie, and she was about six feet long.

#5. Really, really didn't like Venice at all. It was dirty and creepy. But Rome is great.

Thanks for playing!


The Daring One said...

Yay! I win. I win! You big fat smarty pants.

bogus said...

Goslyn, I was startled and delighted to see my "name" mentioned over here on your lovely blog. Thanks for stopping by WWMGA! I, too, feel like a crotchety 82 year old (woman? man? I dunno...does it matter at 82?) most days. I thought up a survey & posted it just today that you might enjoy...I'd love to see your answers.

I've toured Oxford, but would never have had to brains to even set foot in its hallowed halls as a student...

Chilihead2 said...


Still missing you. Hope all is well and I didn't offend.

How's the 82yo crotchety smarty pants?

shannon from Rocks In My Dryer said...

Love snakes? *gulp*