Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I have three new favorite reads that I hope all of you will check out.

Scribbit is an amusing Alaskan who has wonderful stories about her family as well as gorgeous photos of thier adventures. Her recipes look fantastic, too. Take a second and go say hi. She's worth it.

The Wallpaper of My Mind is a great site that I only recently stumbled across. She has decided to spend more time Mommying and less time blogging, and thus only updates on Fridays. But she's worth the wait.

Total Mom Haircut is a funny, funny lady with great stories about her impossibly cute offspring, Sam. Don't miss her story about strollercizing.


scribbit said...

You're my new best friend! Thanks so much! I'm off to check out Total Mommy Haircut . .

Stephanie said...

I just found The Wallpaper of My Mind too. I wish I could write like her!

Off to visit the others!

beth said...

OMG! That's so nice of you - totally made my day. I'll need to check out your other 2 links too.