Saturday, October 28, 2006

Breakfast Blessing

Yesterday, I bought eggs from a market I don't usually frequent. I am not brand specific, so I buy whichever eggs are a good price.

As I cracked an egg this morning to make my goat cheese omelet, I noticed a strange message inside the carton.

It's silly, but suddenly my gray, dreary rainy day looked just a bit brighter. So, thanks, Mr. Heister at Lewistown Valley Egg Ranch. The ranch is a locally owned farm, and if they had a website, I would link it. Since they don't, I'll ask any of my readers in eastern central PA to make a beeline to your nearest Valley Farm Market and support these guys. I love it. (PS, the eggs are good, too.)


Julie said...

What a cheery way to start the day. Only one problem: the sound of styrofoam cartons opening gives me the creeps. Do you thing the egg cartons come in cardboard too? Then I'd be all set to rejoice and be glad.

mopsy said...

Big smile!

Stephanie said...

And by sharing your post, Mr. Heister even brightened my day!

Anonymous said...

I, too, just found that silly Bible message inside my eggs. I have to say, I didn't have the same reaction as the rest of the posters here, however. I almost threw my eggs into the garbage. As a very devout atheist, I found these creepy little bits of brainwashing and mind control messages very offensive. Why must we free and enlightened thinkers be subjected to such arrogance and stupidity on a daily basis? Maybe it is time for separation of church and eggs.