Saturday, January 06, 2007

I Blame Global Warming

Today has been a very unusual day around the Wishful Thinking household, and I think it has something to do with Al Gore.

Well, at least Al Gore would want to tell you about it.

The temperatures soared to the mid-70's here in eastern Pennsylvania. Our average temperature this time of year, according to NOAA?

27.1 degrees.

Everything is confused. My roses are sprouting, my iris are poking through the ground, and my gladiolas have popped their heads up, thinking that spring has surely arrived.

I spent most of the day airing out the house, taking advantage of the nice weather to get rid of that funky closed-up winter house smell that it seems only myself and my uber-sensitive pregnant nose can smell.

It's just weird to be able to open your windows in January and not freeze to death.

Then, just as my fairly elderly washer was preparing to rinse out my load of whites, it decided not to drain, and ended up spilling over onto my basement floor. Which wouldn't be a problem if my basement was empty and clean like my neighbor, E's, basement is. But no. We are packrats, or just have too much stuff or too little space or possibly all of the above. So several cardboard boxes o' crap got soaked in the process.

Now I have to decide if it is better to spend a minimum of $250 to fix the washer, or just suck it up and buy a new one for twice that. Ugh. And I have to clean out the basement. And figure out where to put this junk.

Since we've never had even a hint of trouble with this washer, I choose to believe the weird warm weather had something to do with it's demise.

Where's my snow?


Heth said...

Oooh, bummer about the mini flood. That's the worst. I say go for the new washer if you can. A girl has to have good tools when she is working hard at keeping the family's clothes clean.

Nikkie said...

I'm finding this weather to be way to strange too. While we're not in the 70's here in my neck of the woods (canada) we've been warmer then usual. I'm sure the washing machine sensed this and decided to act out!

mopsy said...

Goslyn, darling. Your snow is in my backyard.

It was cute and fun for awhile, but it is getting old. Our driveway is like a canyon, with snow piled on either side deeper than 85% of my children.

Come pick it up, pronto.

Jess said...

Yeah, how bizarre was the weather Saturday? It was downright balmy here too. I'm sorry about the basement!

Julie said...

I am mighty jealous since it's been pretty bitter around here the last few days.

When we lived in PA we experienced "the storm of the century" in terms of snowfall. Fun times!

Judy said...

Just wait until you hit your mid-40's.

I am the cause of global warning.

And, we once went to the laundry mat for six months, only to discover that it was a sock in the drain that caused the flooding.

LZ Blogger said...

Isn't Al Gore finishing up his INTERNET development? ~ jb///