Thursday, June 22, 2006

Zipp-a-dee-do-dah ...

Happy happy happy happy. I woke up in a great mood today. I think it may have something to do with staying up ridiculously late just chilling and chatting with Super-Hubby last night. He is a fun guy, but we both get so busy sometimes I think we forget how much fun it is just to be together.

I guess I should start out by thanking my dear son, who has decided, finally, to sleep through the night. Last night I put him down around 8:15, and he slept until 5:30 this morning. I cannot complain about that. (Last night was the third night in a row he had performed this miraculous feat. I am hoping that I have not jinxed it by blogging about it. Fingers crossed. Say a prayer, please. Momma needs her grown up time.)

Then, I checked out America's Got Talent, which I fully expected to be completely stupid. But I really enjoyed it. I would watch that show every day if it was on. Terrible, pathetic, but true.

And after being throughly entertained for two hours, Super-Hubby and I snuggled up and chatted about life and family and so forth. Super-Hubby comes from a very large family (his father is one of 17 children) and I absolutely adore them all. We were having fun playing the "name the aunts and uncles game" which is sort of like trying to name all the states from memory - you always forget one, then spend 20 minutes trying to figure out which one. I think we got them all, eventually, but as it was nearing 2 am, I'm not really sure anymore.

We talked about our memories of visiting our grandparents, of the peculiar smell (which we decided was probably moth balls) that pervaded the homes of our respective maternal grandparents. Of the joys of visiting grandparents who lived in the country and getting to run and play and climb to our hearts' content. Remembering the exact way a grandmother had her kitchen and dining room arranged, and remembering how much she loved to look out the window and watch the cardinals and wild turkeys and deer crisscrossing the yard.

Remembering how exciting it was to have a young aunt - only maybe a dozen years your senior - encourage your imaginative play, when you decided to be the Most Powerful Man in the Universe.

Ah. Life is, and has been, good to us.


jessica said...

What a happy post! I needed to read something like that this afternoon. Thanks. Here's hoping your little man will continue sleeping through the night so you and your hubby can have more wonderful grown-up evenings together :)

Chilihead2 said...

Love those late night talks. Some of my favorite times...right up there with laying in bed until 1pm with hubby. Neither of those happen often enough so when they do I'm ecstatic. Yay you!

Judy said...

Ah, yes.

That, my friend, is why the 'empty nest' isn't such a bad thing!

(although, soon, we will be playing "what's that kid's name again? the one we had 1984?")

Jess said...

That sounds so nice! I'm glad you were able to grab some time to just chill with Super-Hubby; I hope there's more to come. Isn't it nice to re-realize how much you just plain enjoy each other's company? Steve and I have been doing the same thing now that school's over!