Thursday, February 08, 2007

Will He Ever Know?

Our house is full of pestilence. The Tominator is sick with a nasty cold, I have a (so far) less virulent version, plus some sort of itchy rash on the inside of my right knee. It looks like a poison ivy rash, only, well, it's February. I'm pretty darn certain I haven't been exposed to any rash-inducing vegetation.

As a result, our normal routines have been chucked, in favor of snuggling on the sofa while rotting our brains with too much TV.

Last night I found myself pinned to the couch under a 25-pound ball of snot and drool. He snuggled up to my chest and snaked his arm around my neck, fisting his little hand in my hair. My hair apparently holds some magical healing and calming powers. Tom has sought out a handful of my hair in times of stress, illness or fear since he was a tiny infant. I put Samson to shame. Oh the power.

As he slept on my chest, soaking through my shirt, I listened to his ragged breathing, and a sense of calm washed over me. I wonder if he will ever know this heart-shattering love?



Sarah said...

Holding my sick children is a highlight of my life. It's so nice to have a really big excuse to stop all the mad rushing around that I do and just stop and watch Mister Rogers. Of course after 2 days max they had better be well again cause I'll be crazy...

Justin Kimbro said...

I think he will know that love but not until he has children of his own..... but wow, what an amazing feeling it is, huh?

mommaladybug said...

What a sweet sweet post! Ah the love that we have for our children. I guess it is much like the love that Jesus has for us. What a beautiful picture of being a mother. So sorry you will not be visiting this weekend, but we understand. We look forward to next weekend, and I pray that everyone is feeling well.