Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In Need of Prayer


If you are the praying type, please take a moment and pray for two families who are experiencings serious emergencies right now.

My parents are volunteers at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. Yesterday a 77-year-old visitor to the park went out to take pictures on the dunes. He never returned. Overnight temperatures in the desert dropped to the 30s, and he is without much food, water or warm clothing.

Resucers have been searching the 275-square-mile park for 12 hours, and they still haven't located him. He and his wife are visiting from Austrailia. Please pray for Lou's safe resuce.

**Lou has been found, alive and whole. He survived the night in the dunes by covering himself with dry grasses, and walked to safety this afternoon.**

The second request is for my neighbor's daughter, Jeanette. She is pregnant with her second child, and will be induced Thursday because her son's kidneys aren't forming properly. Fluid continues to build up around his kidneys, instead of being excreted in a normal manner. Because both kidneys are affected, this could be a very serious and life-threatening illness for him. Doctors say there is about a 25% chance the problem will "fix itself" after birth. Please pray for Jeanette and her family.


Carrie said...

I'll be praying- please let us know how things turn out in both situations.

mopsy said...

Oh no. I am sorry to hear of these two situations. I'll pray for all of them.

mommaladybug said...

I will be praying for your neighbor's daughter as soon as I am finished with this comment. Please pray for my friend, Rhonda, who went to the ER this morning after vomiting, feeling dizzy, and having chest pains. I haven't heard anything from her yet, so I hope everything is okay. God is good!

Judy said...