Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Surely, This is a Sign

Because Daring Young Mom will not stay out of my bedroom.

No, not like that. Ewww. Go wash your brain out with soap.

Back in March, I posted, rather sheepishly, that the inimitable DYM had appeared in two of my dreams. While I was flattered that such a big blog celebrity would take the time to fly clear across the country to visit me in slumberland, I was a bit perturbed. I mean, she was nice and all, but I don't even know the woman. Slumberland is kind of an intimate place for introductions.

But last night, she decided to up the ante. Not only did I have the prime opportunity to visit with DYM, Daring Young Dad was there, too. (He's cool, in case you were wondering.)

We were hanging out in their new house, looking at photo albums. And they were both really, really nice. And funny. We did not, however, have a freestyle rap battle. My poor brain would have been too self-conscious, I think. I am not so great with the insta rhymes.

And, because I know you are wondering, their house is really gorgeous. At least the one in dreamland is lovely. It had a lot of beautiful blond hardwood in my dream. Very open, with a loft type space over the great room. It was neat.

And here's the weirdest part ... DYM was mother to Mopsy's kids. Or Mopsy's kids were living at her house. I'm not entirely sure, but I think this may be a sign that I am spending too much time reading blogs and not enough time with actual people. At least actual people over 3 feet tall. Hm.

So, thanks for the visit, DYM. It was fun. But next time, lets meet for lunch, k?


daring one said...

I have Mopsy's kids and I'm not giving them back. Oh, and thanks for the renovation ideas. We do have a big open space over the main room as you enter the house, but not so much with the hardwoods.

You crack me up. I love your dreams. I'm planning a get-together for Washington bloggers in October sometime. You're welcome to join us.

Goslyn said...

Oh, if there was any way I could get my Pennsylvania-bound behind to WA state, I would SO be there. If you hear of any airlines giving away free tickets, do let me know :)