Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cross-Country Dreamin'

Ok, so turns out it's not only Daring Young Mom who gets to be featured in my dreamlife. Apparently Chilihead wanted in on the action, since she showed up in a classic convertable last night.

We had our very own Thelma and Louise moment, except without the shooting and murdering and the cop chases. Yeah. It was just like that, only not at all.

But we had a really good time driving across country. You may not know it, but Chili is very funny. She should totally have her own stand up routine.

You may be pleased to know that Miss Chili, although stunning in her Groucho Marx glasses, is also really good at keeping her secret idenitity without them. Throughout the entire dream, I only saw the back of her head or the side of her face, so I still don't know what she looks like. Crazy.

So, as much fun as I'm having meeting some of my blogging idols in my dreams, I would love to meet some of them in person someday!


Melanie said...

THAT is hilarious! I LOVE IT! I bet we had a great time. :D LOL

Judy said...

Hey! Dream a little dream of ME!

Although, in your dream, I want to be atleast 60 pounds lighter. And, I want a tan. Yes. A tan would be fun.

And, I'll baby-sit, for FREE.

In your dreams!

daring one said...

I don't know how I feel about all of this. Sort of betrayed, actually.

shannon said...

Hey there...this is unrelated to your post, but I tried to send you an e-mail and got an error message from blogger. When you get a chance, can you shoot me an e-mail? If it doesn't work through blogger (I'm not using beta yet), let me know on my blog and I'll post my e-mail address here or something.

Thursday's Child said...

I second Judy! Put me in those dreams, 40 pounds lighter, lightly tanned and well toned. And I'll baby-sit for free for REAL! LOL

Thursday's Child

P.S. Guess I'll have to check out the movie which I've never seen!