Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Morning Confessions

What do you do badly? Everyone has a tale of a project gone wrong, a word misspoken, a Tae-Bo tape that you just couldn't follow without tripping over the coffee table and bashing face-first into the curio cabinet filled with grandma's precious ceramic figurines ...

But before I tell you about my favorite misstep, there are a few things you should know:

1. I am an excellent cook. I learned from my mother, who is also an exceptional cook. I am not being immodest, although I hate to toot my own horn.

2. On my 18th birthday, my Aunt Carol taught me how to make tender, flaky pie crust from scratch. It was probably the best birthday gift I have ever been given. Super-Hubby likes my pies so much that he pretty much refuses to eat store-bought or restaurant-made.

3. This means I should be able to make just about anything, right? I mean I can cook. I can bake. So something easy, such as homemade pasta, should be no problem, right?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Wrong. To read about my lesson in humility, featuring a plate of pasta that looked like this, click here.

Then come back and tell me about what you do badly.


mopsy said...

LOL@your pasta adventure. Sorry.

I'm a bad scrapbooker. My scrapbooks look like they were done by a left handed five-year-old with safety scissors made for a righty. So bad, so crooked, so amateurish.

Heather from One Woman's World said...

I am also a terrible scrapbooker, basketball player, and painter. All things I should never do.

Judy said...

I'm terrible at STAYING organized.

I LOVE to GET organized.

Organizational stuff causes me to swoon. I set it all up perfectly. I love that part.

But, then I never use it, because using it will mess it up.

I don't scrapbook for this very reason. I've made scrapbooks FOR other people. One in particular I was paid $300 to make. I had so much fun with it. But, I have a scrapbook of my oldest son up to 4 months. He is 25 now. I DO have a scrapbook of my childhood cat, Fred. But, I'm rather embarrassed to admit that!

Geesh...I'm a terrible mother...

Heth said...

I do a lot of things badly but the one that immediately comes to mind is waitressing. I was a HORRIBLE waitress. To all the people I ever served: "I'm so sorry".

Can you bake me a pie? YUM!

Jess said...

I'm terrible at aerobics--and most other activities requiring actual coordination.

Now I want to learn how to bake a pie from scratch! That's awesome.