Monday, April 10, 2006

Just a Medium

Ugh. I thought Medium would be back on tonight, but instead there were two episodes of The Apprentice: This Show Will Never Be Cancelled. Double ugh.

My stomach feels gucky, I am exhausted beyond exhausted, and I just wanted to zone out with Patricia Arquette and her character's creepy dreams for an hour. Boo on The Donald and NBC for not airing my show. Boo.


Lisa said...

BAH!!! Apprentice must die!! Especially if its pre-empting better shows!!

Heth said...

Medium creeps me out. I am a total chicken and I can't even watch the commercials.

Hope you feel better!

Chilihead2 said...

And THAT is why you need to become a CSI: Miami convert. Gos, join the Dark Side.

Stephanie said...

I hate it when my shows aren't on TV. The stupid Blazer games are pre-empting three of our nights this week. Grrr. At least we still had Tuesday's Scrubs, or I would have been a wreck.

Hope Medium is back on soon for you. I say, Enough of the Donald!