Monday, April 03, 2006

Hollywood Smile

In spite of my apprehensions, the appointment went fine. He complimented my "beautiful" teeth. He lamented the silver fillings my childhood dentist put in a few of my molars. "They're just not cosmetic," he said. "With such pretty teeth, they should look virginal."

He told me I had a Hollywood Smile. But best of all, I have no cavities. So it was just a scrape and polish and a compliment on my good brushing habits.


No axe-murdering, drill-wielding dentists here, in spite of the gloomy weather.


mopsy said...

With all my silver molar fillings, my teeth look like a $2, uh, non-virgin. "Hollywood" and "virginal" aren't words you hear together often, either.

Congrats on the dazzling smile!

Nikkie said...

I'm glad it went well!

Chilihead2 said...

One less thing to worry about. Glad that's over!

Heth said...

So when you smile, is there a little flash and a "ding" like the gum commercial?

I'm glad you weren't axe murdered. That would have been sad.

Caryn said...

"Virginal" teeth? I love it! Glad you had a good visit.