Monday, April 03, 2006

Drilling for Spring

It feels like spring in England here; I imagine it's what the Pacific Northwest feels like a lot of the time, but I don't know, I've never been there.

The thermometer is hovering somewhere around 50 degrees, and the sky is dark and gloomy, dropping random drops of rain on pedestrians like spitballs. The daffodils are up and blooming, but their sunny faces don't do much to override the quiet dampness that has settled on the valley.

It's the perfect day to go to the dentist. I mean, really, it's like the scene in a horror movie where everything, the weather, the desolation, the creepy music - everything is some kind of forshadowing, the kind that makes the viewer scream to the main character - DON'T GO IN THERE! THERE'S AN AXE MURDERER BEHIND THE DOOR OF THAT CREEPY HOUSE!


I have not been to the dentist in a little over two years, as the result of the spectacularly bad dental coverage offered by my husband's work. Actually, it's great dental coverage - 100% on routine cleanings, 80% for almost everything else. The only problem is that it will only let you go to the dentist the company assigns you to. And the one they assigned us to doesn't speak English. I'm sure he's a very good dentist. He's a nice Vietnamese man, and his office is within walking distance of my house. But I like to be able to understand what the guy with the drill is saying to me before he begins working on my teeth.

Thus, no dental visits. We finally decided just to pay out-of-pocket to go to another dentist in town who we do like.

Today, at 3 p.m., I will once again sit in the scary dental chair to be poked and prodded and scraped. Super-Hubby assures me that this dentist is nice, and very gentle. I hope he is telling the truth. I am praying that I won't have any cavities.

But maybe I should listen to the universe and skip the whole thing altogether.


In other news, I have another piece up on Crunchable. Check out The Night of Snow and Vomit.


jessica said...

I am SO sorry for you. I was in the dentist's office Friday. I actually walked out before being seen though. Long story... Maybe I'll post about it today. Hum... Anyway, good luck and may your experience be less frustrating then mine was!

melnel said...

The sky is not always dark and gloomy in the Pacific Northwest.

Although the random falling raindrops does happen occasionally. And the 50 degrees sounds about right for this time of year.

I can tell you all this, because I grew up there. And living in a desert place now, I miss it terribly. Someday I hope you're lucky enough to go there. Don't worry, there aren't many axe murderers waiting around the corners.

Good luck with the dentist, too...

Stephanie said...

Let me check the weather...yes, indeed...52 degrees, sky overcast and pregnant with rain. Daffodils valiantly trying to cheer things up under the gray sky. Chances of rain are always 50/50 here in springtime :)

Hope the dentist is not too terrible. Bummer about the insurance. After seven years without dental insurance, I have been oh so grateful that Jason's job now provides it.

Rachelle said...

I've not been to a dentist in almost 8 years. It's time for me to suck it up and go. But they scare me.

Heth said...

May The Force be with you.

Anne Glamore said...

It's just as important for the dentist to be able to understand you when you yell "More Novacaine!!"

Jess said...

I went to the dentist two weeks ago and I totally survived it. Did you get a free toothbrush? My childhood dentist used to give us new toothbrushes and I was v. disappointed as an adult to find that not the case.