Thursday, October 18, 2007

Really? It's a fish?

I was making dinner last night, and noticed the packaging as I pulled the last individually quick frozen salmon fillet from the bag. A big allergy warning on the back said this:

Really? Salmon is a fish? Because I thought I was cooking up some rare form of chicken. Does the grocery store really think that's a necessary warning label?

I wanted to post this to participate in the Parent Bloggers Network's Wacky Warning Label Contest, mostly because I think it's hilarious. Plus, I happen to agree with these guys. So, what's the wackiest warning label you've seen lately?


Daisy said...

I wonder if a peanut butter jar needs to post a warning saying that it contains peanuts?

Molly said...

On a tube of chapstick:

"Do not put in eye."

Patois said...

Oh, I thought salmon just tasted like fish. Or is it chicken it tastes like?

jennster said...

LOL- it's because we're such a freaking sue happy society that they have to put stupid shit like that on labels. lol