Thursday, October 04, 2007

Do You Ever ...

Have a day where both babies wake up grumpy and you try as hard as you can to be cheery, but you really just want them to stop screaming so you can have a cup of coffee?

And then you finally get the screaming monsters dressed and into the car to go to a meeting that's supposed to make you feel better, but it doesn't, because the speaker is a breast cancer survivor and her speech makes you cry?

And then she talks about the importance of prevention and hands out little breast self-exam cards to help you remember, and you feel guilty because you know you never do your self-exam?

It's not that you forget to do them; it's just that both your mother and grandmother had breast cancer, and you are so afraid you will find a lump that you figure it's better just not to know. Do you ever feel really stupid for thinking that?

And then you have to leave the meeting early because the babies won't stop crying and won't stay in childcare?

Does it ever happen that while you are trying to fix lunch for your two screaming babies, you realize your breast pads have failed, and your entire shirt is soaked with milk? And then the dog barks to be let out, so you let him out, only to watch him run away through the unlatched back gate, towards the high school, where the teenagers are getting out for lunch?

So then you have to leave both children in the house, unattended, while you run down the street in bare feet and a milk-soaked shirt, trying to catch the dog before he gets hit by a car or picked up by the police?

Then when you come home you wonder if trading in your job as a mediocre reporter to be a mediocre mother and housewife was a good idea? At least you got paid for being a reporter. Plus, you could actually quit that job.

Do you ever wonder how you can spend all day picking up and straightening up and trowing crap away, and yet your house never appears neat, clean or uncluttered?

Do you ever have a day like that?


Beth said...

Oh sweetie, I am on my second week of having both the babes to myself. It's rough. Two screaming babies is more than double the horribleness of one I think. This is hard. Sorry about your day.

Jess said...

I can't say I've had that kind of day, but I do my fair share of feeling mediocre at times. Hope your day gets better!

Stephanie said...

Days like that, yes indeed. Have even left the kids in the house as I ran after the dog, in my pajamas, which is I suppose still better than a milk-soaked shirt. My deepest sympathies to you on that one :(

Hope your weekend is a restful one. I think you of you often! We should meet up again online, if we had time. It was the highlight of my week, chatting with you!

Rachel said...

Hang in there. Unbearable days make sweet moments all the more wonderful. I've never had a bad day yet where my son didn't redeem it for me in some small yet significant way. I tip my hat to you as one mother to another.

Jen Rouse said...

Holy cow, have you been at my house lately? I feel like that all the time.

The other nice thing about paid work vs. mom-work is that not only did you get paid, you got sick days. And vacation. And sometimes people would read your stories in the paper and tell you they liked them. I don't know about you, but my acquaintances don't generally stop by my house and say, "Hey, I just realized you were up half the night feeding a baby and then you still got up in the morning to take care of the rest of your work. Nice job on that one!"

There are other benefits to mommyhood though, which reporter-ing doesn't offer, that I am sure you know about in your heart, when you're not having days like that one. Hang in there!

Mediocre reporters-turned housewives unite!

mopsy said...

Oh, man. I hope things have improved, even slightly, over that day.

It WILL get easier. I promise promise promise. Can't say it enough.