Monday, December 04, 2006

When Toddler Met Laptop

It doesn't end as well as When Harry Met Sally.

In short, our laptop has been Tominated.

Our brand-spanking new super-computer, Zoe, once looked like this:

Now, thanks to a toddler who is 1/3 monkey, 1/3 destructo bot and 1/3 highly energetic boy, it looks like this:

I have spent two days on the phone with Dell trying to figure out where to send the thing to get it fixed. I learned that our lovely four-year warranty doesn't cover the LCD screen. So, while it will be fixed, it will cost us a pretty penny. Merry Christmas.

On top of that, Tom's biting habit has resurfaced and become really bad.

Things are not looking so good in the Wishful Thinking household right now. Anybody have some happy stories they can share to cheer me up? (Or suggestions for dealing with biting?)


shannon said...

My mom (who is a dentist) threatened to pull all the teeth out of my head when I used to bite. It's my first childhood memory.
Barring that, which had little effect on Gaby when I told her, I asked her to bite herself one time as hard as she bit me. She did, it hurt, she cried. And then stopped biting.

Heth said...

The only thing I have to offer regarding the biting is that you are not alone. I too am the mother of a violent little biter. :) Ok, more than one has been a biter. We have been through it with a few of our kids between the ages of one and two. I can sure empathize. Gemma especially has bitten more than a few little ones in the church nursery and I end up feeling like crying because everyone is looking at me like my child is a little monster. Of course she ISN'T. When they are so small like this, what the heck is a mother to do? Anyway, no advice, just know that I feel your pain. He will out grow it. Or maybe he will still be biting at twelve....I doubt it.

Stephanie said...

Poor laptop! I'm afraid I can't offer much advice in the biting area. Sydney has (so far) escaped this habit. I can't even provide a happy story since my day involved a photographer, a toddler, a meltdown in the middle of the mall, and no good pictures for all that trouble. I'm still recovering.

So, let's mope together tonight, shall we?

Judy said...

Oh, no! I gasped audibly when I saw your beloved laptop.

It will serve as a reminder to keep mine away from Baby Boy, who has been successful in removing several keys.

Trust me. Tommy will grow up to be a fine upstanding patriotic healthy normal American boy (here i borrow profusely from bye-bye-birdie).

Jess said...

Oh no! My condolences on your computer screen.

I think Steve may have a Transformer who looks like it's 1/3 monkey, 1/3 destructobot and 1/3 highly energetic boy. Were you and Super-Hubby watching too many cartoons while Tom was in utero?

I hope your week gets better.

scribbit said...

Not good. I'm no computer expert but that doesn't look easy to fix. Maybe Santa will be kind and bring another.I

Julie said...

Youch! (and double youch on the biting thing) I'm so sorry.

We are keeping a running tab of Gabie's damages. If he draws in a book with a sharpie marker ($) or breaks the shower door ($$) or takes a hammer to the hood of the car ($$$$$$ cha ching!) we've got a list we can present him with when he gets his first job. "Welcome to the wonderful world of adult responsibility son, now it's payback time."

beth said...

Oh, that's not a pretty picture!

Anonymous said...

Bite him back.


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, my little boy was a biter. He was scolded and made to stand in the corner. Then we got a puppy. He liked to bite too. The puppy was scolded and put in his crate. Then one day my little boy was bit by the puppy. Many tears later, my boy tells the puppy, "Don't Bite!" and has never tried to bite us again. Hmmm...

Rachelle said...

Oh ouch! Sorry about the lap top. maybe it's a good thing we don't have one yet.