Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My life, according to a dumb net quiz

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So according to this quiz, my life is pretty good. Which is absolutely true. My life is actually very good. At the end of the quiz, a box popped up commending me on my way above average love score. The box instructed me to share some advice on how I manage to be so lucky in love. I didn't fill it out, but if I had, this is what it would say:

I'd love to spout off some ridiculous platitude about karma, about how I deserve the love I have because I am such a good, loving, gentle person. But the truth is - I am just lucky. Impossibly lucky. And immeasurably blessed.

Last night, when I was too tired to hold Tommy for one more minute, Super-Hubby came to the rescue. Even though he had gotten less sleep than I had the night before, even though he had a long and stressful day at the office, he volunteered to stay up with our wide-eyed son until he finally went off to dreamland around midnight. Super-Hubby even let me get an extra 30 minutes or so of sleep. That is love.

He also scrubbed the bathrooms. Need I say more?

I am lucky. I grew up in a home where every day I was reminded that I was loved. My mother used to tuck little notes inside my lunch box telling me she was proud of me and that she loved me. My father made an effort every morning to have breakfast with me, to catch up on what was happening in my life, and to tell me he thought I was a good kid. I can't ever remember him reading the paper or a book while eating with me. When we breakfasted, that was our time together.

Love was given freely in our home, but once in a while it came with a price. Sometimes when my mom was feeling especially stressed she would remind me of how much she did for me because she loved me. It was a mild guilt trip, but an effective one.

I have read and read and read 1 Corinthians 13. But I had never seen it LIVED until I met my husband.

Sometimes, I am guilty of doing the same thing to Super-Hubby. I do many things for him out of love, but once in a while I feel a need to be recognized for them, to be told how wonderful and loving I really am. (This behavior is why I can't, in good conscience, attribute my luck in love to karma. Plus I've done some really mean things in my life.)

But Super-Hubby doesn't even comprehend that love could demand recognition. He just does things because he loves me - and he neither expects or desires repayment of any kind. He doesn't keep score (I put him to bed last night - now it's your turn), he doesn't demand anything. He just loves. It's an awesome example, and one I am always grateful for. I have learned a lot about love from him.

I hope Tommy learns from his father's example, too.


Mel said...

You are blessed!

Lisa said...

You ARE lucky. And blessed, like Mel said.

Does, um, Super Hubby have a single brother? LOL

J-Tron said...

You should post a picture of your super-hubby in his super special suit that you made him for fighting crime.

Jessie said...

Yay for wonderful husbands--and soon-to-be husbands as well (I got a really high love score, too!). I think, like you, I'm good at making lots of little loving gestures, but not so good at doing them without expecting recognition...Something to work on, I suppose.