Monday, November 14, 2005

Hello Rattle

Tom to his rattle, clutched in his left hand: "Whoa, what is this? Are you a rattle? How do you make that sound? Hmmm .... what do you taste like?? Aaahh, stop hitting me in the head!"

Tom's rattle: "Rattle. Rattle."

Tom (dropping his rattle): "What the heck? Where did you go? Oh, you're over there! Come back here! Why are you just laying there?? MOMMMMMM!!!"


Lisa said...

This prompted fits of giggles from me, because I remembered my own kids doing it.

Isn't it great when they discover their hands and feet, yet they still have no clue that they are attached to them? :-)

mopsy said...

So cute!