Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Miss Communication

I have been stumped for some time by the Tominator's reluctance to speak. He makes a lot of noise. He makes a lot of very interesting sounds. But speak -- in actual words that we can understand? Not so much.

His friends at playgroup, all boys, all within a few weeks of Tom's age, all speak in sentences. They have no trouble stringing multi syllabic words together in sensible, rational ways.

Tom ... again, not so much. He can identify and sound out more than half the letters of the alphabet - he can even pick them out of text. But put them together to make a word? Not gonna do it.

Well, today I figured out what the problem was. And apparently, it was my problem.

You see, I don't speak Spanish.

Tom does.

We were in the bathroom, getting ready to wash our hands, and Tom looks up at me and says, clear as day, "Agua! Agua!"

So all that nonsense, with the trilled r's that he's always spouting? I guess I'd better get myself some Speak in a Week and figure it out.


Jen said...

Hey banana nose!
Wow, Tommy is so amazing, speaking Spanish without any instruction! (It took me forever to learn to roll my r's!) So you've solved the mystery . Guess you have to start speaking to him in his language! :-)

J-Tron said...

La Oficina de correo vende sellos.

Judy said...

That is just too funny.

The Daring One said...

Ha HA. I'm totally on it. I'm gonna transcribe Magoo's sounds and check them against every foreign language I can think of.

Julie Q. said...

My second son McKay only spoke Martian until he was almost 3. Do they have a correspondence course for that?

Good luck with the communication gap. That's such a hard thing! I was going to recommend sign language but reading your posts for the week I see you already are doing that. I remember with McKay I read every book I could get my hands on about delayed speech. I read several things about how late speakers usually turn out to be good in math and music (because those parts of the brain get developed earlier or something). Anyway, I think it has been true in McKay's case. And it was certainly true in the case of that other really slow speaker (and also a Tominator): Thomas Edison.