Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Baby Cages and Easter Chores

What fun holiday celebration would be complete without a baby cage? (If you haven't seen this episode of Scrubs, watch it before calling CPS on me. It's a joke, I promise.)

Also, when you've done your time, you've got to do your Easter chores:

But seriously, we also let him have a little fun. We blew bubbles:

And fell asleep in church:

He slept through the trumpets. He slept through the tympani. But right after this picture was taken, SuperHubby was telling someone that he and Tom had seen a fire truck before church ... and sproing! his little head popped up and swiveled around. It's all about the fire trucks, baby. (And yes, this may be the single most unflattering picture of me ever taken, between the Dumbo ears and the giant belly. Oh, the pride I sacrifice in the name of an easy blog post.)

And examined giant, mutant goldfish.

Happy Easter.


Judy said...

What a fun post!


I'm a fan of the baby cage.

And, why has not the hamster water bottle idea caught on for toddlers?

I'm gonna push that idea some more...

Justin and Angie said...

Love the pics and you DO look fantastic!!

mopsy said...

Great post! I *love* the pictures. You look great, Tom is a cutie as usual.

I also like how you slipped a "Scrubs" reference in there...it's one of our favorite shows.

beth said...

I say put 'em to work! And you are looking GOOD, girlfriend. Look, you made me call you girlfriend...ugh.

Heth said...

Oh! The photos are so fun! Thanks for sharing, and you look wonderful by the way.

Jess said...

These pictures are so cute! Is the Tominator's hair sort of red, or is that just the lighting?

Suzanne Temple said...

Cute pics. I think you look great! When I was about this far along with Nicholas someone gave me a crimped brown maternity top. I liked it, but when Simeon saw me in it he said, "You look like a baked potato." The sad thing was, he was right! You look so much better.

Eli's Mom said...

Cute pics! Eli loves pushign around the small vacuum too :)

Owlhaven said...

You look adorable!!


scribbit said...

Baby cage. Heh.

You're looking very good, feeling well?