Thursday, August 23, 2007

Batteries Not Included

Every morning, around 10 AM, the middle school marching band bangs and stomps and squeaks past my house. Tom, at two, is enthralled. He is convinced that his purpose in life is to bang the big bass drum.

And so, we've started music time. We play piano. We pluck, strum, and occasionally bang the guitar. Tom has a blast pounding away on his Fisher-Price plastic drum. He's been known to pick out a tune (albeit more in the style of Coltrane than Mozart)on his rainbow-colored xylophone.

He can play (or at least make a lot of noise on) the recorder, the Irish penny whistle,and our dilapidated harmonica.

So earlier this week, I dug my father's trumpet and my saxophone out of the basement. Tom was very impressed with my improvised version of Happy Birthday, and decided he wanted to give the saxophone a spin. He huffed and puffed, but he just couldn't get a sound to come out.

"Saxophone broken," he sighed. "Need new batteries. No music in it."


Pinks & Blues said...

That is so awesome!! I think music is so important to teach kids. My boys love to bang drums and shake things and to sing. It's very cute to see them loving other things besides the obvious football or baseball. How cool is it that the band marches by every day!!!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls

Heth said...

That is way too cute.

Suzanne Temple said...

Hilarious! He's a doll.

Jess said...

That's so funny! It's awesome that you're teaching him music. I bet your boys will be musically talented, given how fabulously you and Super-Hubby are! Either that or they'll be burly math-loving football players. I guess you never know. :)

Scribbit said...

My youngest has started picking out melodies on the piano so I'm thinking it's time to start teaching her.